Retail, Hospitality, eCommerce, SaaS  

AI Strategies & Funding for Marketing, HR & Finance Leaders

thursday, 6pm  
march 21
fdi landing hub
st. stephens green

In-person seminar: How to get ahead & stay ahead in an AI-centric world

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How AI is impacting Marketing & HR in Retail, Hospitality, eCommerce
and SaaS sectors

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How to start an AI project and /or take your AI strategy
to the next level.

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How eligible companies can access funding for AI projects
from the Bank of Ireland  

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How Bank of Ireland can help HR ensure Employee Wellbeing in the
workplace in an AI-centric world  

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How to customize LLM (Large Language Models) for Responsible AI

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Receive a comprehensive AI marketing strategy roadmap template
to kickstart your business into Ai-powered marketing.

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How to identify new business models and revenue streams that Ai
can unlock, positioning your business for future success.

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Network with industry peers over gourmet pizzas and  beers in a
relaxed, informal setting at teh FDI Landing Hub..

March 21, 2024,
FDI, St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2.

Your Speakers

Gain future-ready business insights from top industry experts.

AI Entrepreneur | Advisor - AI Strategies, Tools & Techniques for Retail, Hospitality and eCommerce companies

Kevin J. Neary

AI Entrepreneur | Advisor - AI Strategies, Tools & Techniques for Retail, Hospitality and eCommerce companies
Bank Manager | Bank of Ireland | Delivering employee financial wellbeing in the AI dominant workplace of the future

Catriona Maye

Bank Manager | Bank of Ireland | Delivering employee financial wellbeing in the AI dominant workplace of the future
Business Banking Relationship Manager | Helping Businesses Access Bank Resources for AI Projects | Bank of Ireland

Gerry Nolan

Business Banking Relationship Manager | Helping Businesses Access Bank Resources for AI Projects | Bank of Ireland

The Agenda

Conference speaker with audience
6.00 - 6.30

Registration and networking

Seamless registration process followed by a fruitful networking opportunity with industry peers

6.30 - 7.00 pm

Keynote by Kevin Neary

Kevin's talk will cover how business leaders in Retail, Hospitality and eCommerce can start AI projects and stay ahead of the curve

7.00 - 7.30 pm

Speaker, Gerry Nolan, Bank of Ireland

Gerry's talk will demonstrate how BoI supports business leaders on their AI journey and how to access those supports  

7.30 - 8.00 pm

Speaker, Catriona Maye, Bank of Ireland

Catriona's insights delve into work place wellbeing and how leadership can better support their employees in an AI dominant world

8.00 - 9.30 pm


Network with industry peers, meet the speakers and enjoy pizzas and beers

What you can expect

Clear insights into the AI opportunity and a strategic action plan

Conference speaker with audience

How to leverage AI in Retail, Hospitality & eCommerce companies

Discover how AI is reshaping the Retail, Hospitality, and eCommerce sectors. From personalized shopping experiences to dynamic pricing strategies,

AI is the key to unlocking new levels of customer engagement and operational efficiency. Learn to harness data-driven insights for enhanced decision-making, automate inventory management for greater accuracy, and deploy chatbots for 24/7 customer service.

Kevin Neary will provide actionable strategies to integrate AI into your business model, revolutionizing the way you connect with customers and streamline processes. Join us to transform your business with AI.

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Employee wellbeing in an AI dominant world

For HR Leaders employee wellbeing now takes centre stage in an AI dominant world.

Catriona Maye
brings deep insights into workplace wellbeing and she will explore how HR (Human Resource) leaders can foster employee wellbeing in an AI-centric workplace.

She will discuss the bank's initiatives to support businesses in creating a balanced environment  ensuring employee satisfaction and mental health.

Join us to gain insights into building a supportive corporate culture that thrives alongside AI advancements.

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Bank supports and funding for AI Projects

The Bank of Ireland is immersed in the AI community playing a key role in supporting companies to get started and succeed throughput their AI journey.  

For CEO's  / Data / Finance Leaders, Gerry Nolan will outline the bank's lending pathway, thresholds, parameters & requirements to a businesses seeking to explore debt options.

He will provide some examples of companies supported by Bank of Ireland on their AI Journey and the valuable addition AI has contributed to their businesses and stakeholders.

Top speakers, network, learn and have fun in a relaxed informal setting at The FDI Hub, St Stephens Green, Dublin 2.  

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The Location

The FDI Landing Hub is situated in the Saint Stephen's  Green branch of the Bank of Ireland.  It provides co-working desks, meeting rooms and a state of art event space as well as the most comprehensive range of business banking services available.

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The Bank of Ireland FDI Landing hub is conveniently located at Dublin's Saint Stephens Green, across from The Shelbourne Hotel. The venue is accessible by LUAS light rail, regular bus services from Dublin suburbs and the national rail network. Entrance to the event is the side door on the stephen's green side.  

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Accommodation & Parking

Excellent choice of business accommodations in Dublin city center with parking available at multiple carparks including Q-Park and Best Car Parks all within 5-minutes minutes walking distance from the venue.

Thank you to our partners who have made this event possible

Our charitable partner for this event is Barretstown Foundation USA

About us

The AI Roadmap event series serves as a platform for business leaders to keep abreast of rapidly evolving Ai trends and break down complex Ai concepts into understandable insights. The events provide attendees with the knowledge and tools to leverage Ai effectively so that your business can adapt, innovate, and thrive in a world where AI plays a dominant role.

Kevin Neary our keynote speaker is a prominent AI entrepreneur, consultant, and investor. He is the CEO of Orcawise with HQ in Dublin,  an AI Advisory and Services firm helping Retail, Hospitality, eCommerce and SaaS companies ensure Responsible AI across their organizations.

Catriona Maye, Bank Manager, Bank of Ireland , our speaker is a specialists in delivering bank supports to help companies ensure employee wellbeing in the workplace.  

Gerry Nolan, Business Banking Relationship Manager is a speaker with deep insights into  the pathway, thresholds, parameters & requirements to a businesses seeking to explore debt funding options.

Our charitable partner for the event is Barretstown Foundation USA.

This seminar is hosted by Orcawise at the FDI Landing Hub, Saint Stephens Green, Dublin 2.  

We're excited to promise an insightful and enriching evening.

Team, Kevin J. Neary

Kevin J. Neary

What they say

Stories from recent events

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Kevin , you absolutely kicked ass today , amazing presentation, 9.6 /10 rated event , the whole group is alive with what an incredible learning event it was ,  you were electric on stage.
Brian Keegan

Brian Keegan

Learning Director
Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Ireland

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Consistently for three years, Kevin Neary packed our event space, delivering inspiring and entertaining presentations that left attendees captivated and enriched. Kevin is a true asset to any event.
person standing in

Darko Knezevic

Start-ups and SMBs Relationship Manager
Bank of Ireland, Grand Canal Square


These are the most asked questions about The AI Roadmap event series

Who should attend the event?
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The seminar is ideal for business leaders that want clarity on the AI opportunity, funding sources and an action plan to leverage AI effectively for business growth.

What is the cost to attend the event?
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There is no charge to attend this seminar and up to 3 participants per company are welcome.

What is the dress code for the event?
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The dress code for the seminar is business casual.

Will there be networking opportunities at the event?
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Yes, there will be several opportunities for attendees to network with peers and industry experts. Firstly during registration and then after the speeches we will enjoy extensive networking and share some exclusive wines, pizza and beers.

Will there be any materials or resources provided to attendees?
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Yes, all attendees will have access to the presentation materials made available by the speakers. Attendees can also access the event QR code and interact with the seminar activities on mobile devices.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to get clarity
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The AI Roadmap Seminar for business leaders promises to be
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